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Case Study: The New York Public Library

With a flagship location that contains 40 miles of shelves and houses nearly 50 million items, the New York Public Library has a lot to communicate to a growing online audience. The library uses SocialFlow to optimize what they publish and when on Twitter. As a result, the library’s digital marketing team has garnered greater engagement, traffic and exposure, as well as creating a more efficient workflow among their staff.

The New York Public Library is a hive of content creation, including a number of blogs created by “librarians who are passionately writing about things that are important to them and their communities,” explains Susan Halligan, Marketing Director at New York Public Library. But there were no guarantees that their audience was listening. With a comprehensive social media strategy that touches all the major services from Twitter to Facebook, Foursquare and Tumblr, the New York Public Library enlisted the help of SocialFlow to build the interest and traffic to their blogs via Twitter.

After signing up for SocialFlow, the New York Public Library tested the system rigorously, trying to find the optimal number of Tweets to publish in order to maximize engagement measured via clicks per Tweet and clicks per follower on their blog-linked Tweets. They set up SocialFlow to handle their outbound publishing via Twitter during the window from 3:30 PM and 7:30 AM? [Is that to AM?] each day. At other times of the day, they Tweeted manually or scheduled their Tweets.

The Results:
The impact of SocialFlow’s real-time optimization technology on overall traffic is unmistakable to the Library’s Twitter activities. “SocialFlow accounts for 44% of tweets we send out since we started using it, but it garners 84% of the clicks that we get on Twitter in total,” says Johannes Neuer, eCommunications Manager at the Library.

Additionally, unique page views of the blog section have increased by 48% since SocialFlow began optimizing content, and “the number of clicks per tweet are almost double than the one we use for manual tweeting,” notes Neuer.

With a large list of Tweets to get out each day covering a number of areas including marketing, customer service and advocacy, having a tool like SocialFlow has been essential in optimizing their engagement on social media. “We get maximum results for almost minimal effort,” Halligan says.

For the staff at NYPL, however, clicks per Tweet and clicks per follower are not just an indication of their success at attracting an audience, but a morale booster, as they inspire passion for social engagement within their staff.

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