Attention is the universal ad unit

Use online social activity to inform your creative and targeting in real time and to discover optimal ad-buying opportunities.



What Crescendo does

Crescendo helps advertisers find the least cluttered and most cost-effective way to reach a target audience and increase conversions on Facebook. Using real-time social signals to optimize campaigns, Crescendo takes advantage of emerging opportunities to capture attention as interests and behaviors shift – thereby helping you gain a significant advantage over your competition.


How Crescendo works

Using a proprietary algorithm that identifies linguistic patterns to predict attention and topic relevance, Crescendo identifies and buys the ideal keywords that will get the highest return. It continuously informs ad-buying decisions and maximizes your returns by using real-time social trending data. With a finger on the pulse of online social activity, Crescendo can quickly and easily reach not only your target audience but also your best convertible audience.


Key Benefits

  • Target conversations in real time, along powerful, interest-based segments, instead of one-dimensional demographic filters
  • Amplify your message with a socially integrated platform and coordinate your paid and earned activity
  • Track the conversation path all the way through to the intended KPIs and know what actions yield the most value
  • Achieve results without overspending on expensive keywords



  • Language Targeting
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Dynamic Campaign Generation


Jennifer Pasiakos
Vice President - Digital,
LIPMAN campaigns

“Partnering with SocialFlow has enabled LIPMAN campaigns to significantly amplify brand messages to the right audiences, at the
right time in their journey; inspiring more users to join the conversation socially, share their own experiences and ultimately, create more engaged, deeply loyal customers.”